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Flavors of Princeton Featured D’Angelo’s

March 24, 2012

Chef Pete of D'Angelo's Anna D'Angelo

The Princeton Public Library continued their Flavors of Princeton series, this month highlighting the food of D’Angelo Italian Market. Owner Anna D’Angelo was on board with help from Chef Pete and his assistant Tyler bringing us a pasta dish and dessert to sample.

D'Angelo's Easter Goodies

I got excited when I saw they had two burners set up, because that meant it would be an actual cooking demo. The D’Angelo staff set up Easter gift baskets on front and back tables, which were very festive. My kids would’ve flipped if they saw the giant chocolate Easter eggs!

Chef Pete started out with the pasta. Had had boiled some strozzapreti (literal translation is strangling priests) before we arrived, and had his mis en place of chopped veggies ready to go. He melted butter, sautéed shallots, added sliced green asparagus, slow roasted plum tomatoes, then chicken stock. After that simmered he stirred in the cooked pasta, and topped it with a handful of fresh basil chiffonade and grated parmesan cheese. It was light, delicious and perfect for spring.

Strozzapreti with Spring Vegetables

Desert was prepared off the premises due to time constraints. It was tiramisu topped with chocolate. He explained the recipe, and later gave us  a handout. Egg yolks, sugar, and vanilla extract are mixed, then mascarpone cheese is added, followed by folding in whipped cream. That’s spread over layers of espresso, sugar and rum soaked lady fingers, then topped with a chocolate ganache. It was quite good.

Questions were answered, tips were given, and taste buds were delighted. D’Angelo’s is a nice family business, and after meeting Mrs. D’Angelo and her daughter, I felt more connected with their food. Now every time I eat there, I’ll feel like I’m visiting family (the ones who cook really well). After being here about a year, they’ve become part of the Princeton family, so if you haven’t been in yet, stop by for some good eats with your new extended family. They also cater so you can spoil your family or friends in your own home.

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