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A Spa and Wellness Getaway in Princeton

June 3, 2011

Namaste! Princeton can be a fantastic destination for an unguided spa and wellness getaway if you plan it well. While there are no retreats offered in Princeton, you can still have a wonderful experience here thanks to the numerous day spas, yoga, pilates and fitness studios, and wellness centers in and around town. A spa and wellness getaway will give you a chance to cleanse your mind and body of stress and toxins, while getting pampered a bit. You can go alone, as a couple, or ladies can make it a girlfriend getaway.

There are many hotels in the area. The Princeton Marriott at Forrestal is the only one with its own spa, The Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village is near a full service spa and gym, the Nassau Inn has a small gym and is in the center of town, close to day spas and a wellness center, and the Peacock Inn is a short walk from the heart of town.


Not all spas are created equally. Know what your goal is, figure out your budget, and research what services appeal to you. Below are spas in Princeton, in neighboring towns, and those offering unique services not far from town.


Fitness, yoga, and pilates studios are also not created equally. There is something for everyone concerning budget, experience, and goals. These range from studios offering private or semi-private sessions, to massive facilities with the latest technology.


There are fewer wellness centers than spas or gyms in the area. However, they do offer great services. This includes breathwork, nutrition, workshops and more.


Here are places that will help silence your mind so you can concentrate.


These eateries serve at least one of the following: local produce, organic foods, hormone and antibiotic free dairy and meats, grass-fed beef, or free-range chickens. These are good places to eat if you’re trying to detox.


Take a walk in one of the many nature preserves in Princeton and the surrounding area to be in a more peaceful environment.

* Non-members outside the 25-mile radius can request an extended guest pass. Area non-members can ask for a trial membership.

** IHRSA Passport Program members get a guest pass.

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  1. June 3, 2011 1:16 PM

    From the very times people use to take bath under river water or small ponds. Slowly and gradually with the advancement of technologies and inventions of new tools and techniques a new system was establish to relax human brain.Jacuzzi (ג’קוזי), Hotspring spas were introduced to the world not just to relax social being but its mind too.

    • shutterbuggeek permalink*
      June 3, 2011 1:57 PM

      You’re right! Hydrotherapy was the original spa treatment, and is very soothing for the body and spirit!

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